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These simple calculators are probably irrelevent to most possessors of modern mobile devices like iPads and tablets, because these are likely to include "apps" that perform all or some of these functions.  The Imperial Weights and Measures calculator may be of interest to:-

  • Residents of USA and other countries which still use feet, inches, pounds ounces and so on.
  • Readers of old title deeds which may express lengths in chains, and areas in perches and acres.
  • Readers of books and papers written prior to metrication, which refer to these imperial measures.
  • Travellers who need to convert between imperial and metric units.
  • The curious, who just want to understand the relationships between all these units, especially the lesser used ones, such as furlongs and bushels.
  • People from non-English-speaking countries who grew up with the metric sytem, and desire to learn about the imperial system.

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Hope you enjoy!