Victor's Midi Music

About Victor's Midi Music Files

Play or down-load midi-files of classical music, some easy-listening light music, or a little traditional jazz.   In addition, some of Victor's compositions and arrangements are offered, completely free, as Sibelius Scorch scores, which can be played whilst reading the musical score on screen. You may also print them out, and even transpose them!

These MIDI files and Sibelius Scorch Scores are offered by Victor Gomersall. All these are created or performed by Victor, some based on original orchestral scores or piano music by Tchaikovsky, Mozart,  Strauss, Lehar and many other famous composers, a few are Victor's tentative original compositions, and some are his arrangements of light music and popular songs from the twenties, thirties and forties. Please note, I am an amateur, as you will no doubt hear.

All my midi files are Roland General Midi compatible, but they do require a minimum of 16 midi channels and 31 note polyphony. They play quite nicely on a Creative SoundBlaster PCI 64 soundcard, and even better on Roland Sound Canvas cards or Edirol Studio Canvas external modules. They do not sound well on plain old generic sound cards! You really do need a decent amplifier and speakers connected to your audio outputs to do justice to this music!

There are many more MIDI files available for playing or downloading at Victor's other music web site Best Classical Tunes. The current count of midi files as at November 2012 is 934, and I am adding new ones all the time.