News pic of Vic and Barbara

News for 2005

By January 2005 we were beginning to feel settled into our new home near Yeppoon in Queensland. We had ordered a swimming pool and it was delivered before Christmas 2004, but left lying in the nature strip near our front gate until late February! So we had to survive the high temperatures and extreme humidity right through the summer, without the chance to take  cooling dips in the pool. The pool was finally installed and filled with water by 22nd Feb 2005. Then we worked hard on building a drain with rock aggregate along one side of the pool, to take away any heavy rainfall which could otherwise flood done the hill behind us. We engaged a firm to make and install a pool fence, which is a legal requirement here. Since we have no tiny children anywhere near, its main and vital function is to keep OUT of the pool,  the wallabies that roam all around our garden at night.

There is a slide show of photos of our new house and garden at Our New Home in Queensland.

During Jan and Feb we explored some of our local area. We visited the Capricorn Coffee Plantation, which is only a few miles away from us, along a very rutted dirt road. Their coffee is excellent, so when we have ground coffee now, it is always locally grown. We also saw Cooberie Park, where they have lots of native animals, including heaps of cuddly koalas. Barbara visited Adelaide for 2 weeks during January.

We joined the Rockhampton Chamber Music Society, which encourages people of all ages, especially young people, to perform music in small groups, such as violin and piano duets, string quartets, recorder ensembles etc. They stage a monthly concert at the Rockhampton Art gallery.

In late March, we had Chris, Karen, Lee and Olivia to stay with us for a week and a half. The pool was well utilized, especially by Olivia. In mid April, Daniel, Tracey, Austin and Mason stayed with us for a week and a half. In May, Barbara and I drove West to visit Emerald, in the interior of Central Queensland. This is a mining area, mainly coal, and also a citrus-growing region. In the second half of May, Barbara went to Adelaide for 2½ weeks.

In June, Karen and Lee moved into their new home near Ipswich, about 1 hour's drive west from Brisbane. We drove down to visit them for  three days at the end of June. We also went to a concert by the Queensland Orchestra at their fine concert hall by the river in Brisbane.

In July, we enjoyed a visit by the Nagel family from Angaston, SA. Angela, Melissa, Paul and Cameron had a good time with us. They saw our local crocodile farm, Ridges Capricorn Resort, Great Keppel Island, and more. In August, Barbara and Victor went over to Great Keppel Island for a few days, and we walked many of the fantastic walking tracks on the Island. Then we visited Brisbane again, where we ordered a new piano ( a baby grand!). Victor visited Karen and Lee, in Ipswich.  Barbara flew on to Melbourne and Adelaide to see her daughters and son.

The piano arrived in October, but was not made operational till the end of the month. Now it is fantastic!

Barbara and Victor are looking forward in November, to a trip to Melbourne to see Chris, then to Tasmania, followed by a visit to Adelaide.

We shall drive to Ipswich to spend Christmas with Lee and Karen and Olivia. Then immediately on our return home, we are looking forward to a visit by the Glennie family, Kim, Russel, Samantha and Alexander.