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Victor and Barbara - 2015 blog.

As we progressed through January and February, we were becoming increasingly dissatisfied with appartment living. Our rental lease was due to expire in March so we were looking around Bribie Island for houses to rent. The rental stock proved not to our liking, so we eventually turned our thoughts to buying a house. We were initailly very keen on the east side of Bribie, where the magnificent beach faces the Pacific Ocean and has vigorous surf.  However, we finally chose a house on the west side, about 5 minutes walk from a small beach facing the Pumicstone passage. We moved in towards the end of March.

Our new house on Bribie Island.' Our entrance.'
Our new house on Bribie Island. Our entrance

At the start of April, Angela and Paul flew up from Angaston to stay with us over the Easter weekend. We explored Bribie on Friday, then drove to the Glasshouse mountains and Maleney on Saturday. On Easter Sunday we had a glorious lunch at the Woorim Surf Club, overlooking the ocean, followed by a lovely walk along the fabulous beach. On Easter Monday, Karen, Lee, Daniel and Mathew came to join us for lunch, so we inaugurated our outdoor dining and BBQ area with 8 people at our table. In the afternoon Barbara took the Nagels to the airport while Victor and the Beasleys paddled at our nearby beach and walked along the Esplanade

Mathew with the kangaroos at Toorbull.' Starting our cruise on the Pummicestone Passage.'
Mathew with the kangaroos at Toorbull.' Starting our cruise on the Pummicestone Passage.
Mathew with the Glasshouse Mountains behind.' View from the canal.'
Mathew with the Glasshouse Mountains behind. View from the canal.

Mathew then stayed with us for 6 days. He brought his bike with him, and peddled along the Esplanade path to a favourite place, the 'POP' or 'Pirates Only Park'. Another day we crossed the bridge to Toorbull on the other side of the Pumicestone Passage, and paddled at the beach, picknicked, and saw heaps of friendly kangaroos up close on the foreshore. On another day we took a cruise with the 'Ferryman' along Pumicestone Passage.  We saw one dugong briefly, but sadly, no dolphins on this occasion. Mathew flew his kite, at first at our nearby headland, but the kite got stuck in a tree, and was rescued by a friendly man. So we went to the wide expanse of Woorim Beach, where he flew his kite in magnificent style.  On the Saturday, Karen came with a little girl Ellie (a neighbour's daughter), and we all spent the day at Woorim Beach digging sandcastles, and enjoying fish and chips for lunch.

Mathew flying his kite.' More kite flying.'
Mathew flying his kite. More kite flying.
Mathew on the swings at Bongaree.' Mathew at home with us.'
Mathew on the swings at Bongaree. Mathew at home with us.