Victor's Ramblings

Word Inflation.

I have coined the term 'word inflation' for the modern phenomenon in which simple plain English words are being replaced by grander terms which make the concept, institution or person sound nobler and more important, without actually changing anything intrinsic. Such  inflated words or phrases are always pompous, and frequently incorrect. On a smaller scale, these are akin to the pretentious sentences which I have highlighted in my Sematic Ramblings.
Original plain English word   Inflated word or phrase Comments
school   college This causes confusion because we now never know whether a 'college' is for children or for tertiary students!
college   university All kinds of former technical and further education colleges are now labelled as universities. What should the real universities call themselves? We need to invent a new inflated word for them. Perhaps 'Uberversity'?
kitchen hand   sandwich artist A splendid example of job-title inflation, genuinely used by the 'Subway' chain.
arithmetic   mathematics Today people often claim to understand mathematics merely because they realize 2 + 2 = 4.  They have never heard of algebra, calculus or coordinate geometry.
worry   stress Nobody is ever worried about anything any more. Instead, everyone is 'stressed'. The new term has acquired the status of a medical condition.
dustman (UK), garbo (Aus), trashman (USA)   recycling consultant A wonderful and very amusing instance of job-title inflation!
taxpayer   client of the tax office This pathetic piece of word inflation implies that we all flock to the tax office to avail ourselves of their wonderful services! It is as if paying taxes is not painful!
rain   precipitation event Everything that the weather throws at us, be it rain, snow, hail, or thunder, is now officially an 'event'.
method   methodology Why use a plain English word of two syllables and a clear meaning, when you can use a magical word like 'methodology' with its five syllables and its pseudo-academic elite pretensions?
visit   visitation I thought a visitation was a ghostly experience in which someone from the 'other side' pays one a visit!  But no, now the word is used to simply mean a visit.
teacher   learning facilitator This one hasn't entered into regular normal usage just yet!   But it won't be long, because students are taught how to use Google, then they are allowed to copy and paste their googlings into their 'research' and obtain full marks for their 'work'.
beach   coastal recreational precinct This pretentious phrase was spotted on road-signs pointing to beaches in Queensland.
sand-dune   coastal dunal eco-system Again, the culprit was spotted on a sign near some sand-dunes in Queensland.
now   at this moment in time Why us a plain single word when five words will do?
soon   momentarily Pompous, and wrong.  Momentarily means 'just for a moment'.