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Victor's and Barbara's Travel Diaries

 Libya in 1973
In 1973 Victor spent a short time in Tripoli, Libya, working for Mobil Oil.  This visit took place only three and a half years after King Idris had been overthrown by Colonel Gaddiffi in a coup d'etat in 1969.  The Idris regime had been liberal and western-friendly, particularly with Britain and the USA. The new regime was very strict about dress codes, there was an absolute ban on alcohol, it was hostile to the West, and they used only Arabic language signs in all streets, shops and public places.

The port city of Tripoli has magnificent architecture around the harbour. Much of this was built in ancient Roman style by Benito Mussolini,  in the 1930s while Libya was an Italian colony. The tall columns by the harbour-front are supreme examples of this period.

Leptis Magna is a spectacularly-preserved ancient Roman city, right on the coast just 130 kms east of Tripoli. I thought it far surpasses the major Roman sites in Italy, such as Pompei and Herculaneum, both for the splendor and amazingly-preserved state of its buildings, and for its unique location on a cliff-top overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
A mosque in central Tripoli Another mosque
A mosque in central Tripoli Another Tripoli Mosque
Tripoli Harbour Roman style columns at Tripoli Harbour
The Marina and the Harbour, Tripoli Roman style columns at Tripoli Harbour
Leptis Magna Theatre stage Leptis Magna
Roman Theatre at Leptis Magna Victor standing on the stage of the Roman theatre, Leptis Magna.
Leptis Magna ancient Roman City and the Med.  
The ancient Roman city of Leptis Magna against a backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea.