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Victor's and Barbara's Travel Diaries


Up till 2004, Barbara and Victor lived near Geelong, in the state of Victoria, on the south-eastern corner of Australia. Although the second coolest state of Australia, Victoria is blessed with a variety of magnificent scenery, including snowy mountains, fantastic coastlines, forests, and interesting towns dating from the gold rush days.BayArthurSeat.jpg (37179 bytes)

PointNepean.jpg (34648 bytes)The entrance to Port Philip Bay, at the northern end of which Melbourne is located, is guarded by the rip, ever so dangerous to shipping. On our western side, the Bellarine peninsula / Geelong side, is Point Lonsdale and its lighthouse. On the eastern side is the Mornington Peninsula and Point Nepean.GrampiansMcKenzieFalls.jpg (57048 bytes)GrampiansEdge.jpg (46592 bytes)

The Grampian mountain ranges are about 2 hours drive westwards from Geelong. Here we have magnificent walking country, the spectacular McKenzie Falls, and the "Wonderland" area.

WilsonsPromTidalRiver.jpg (41874 bytes)Wilson's Promontory reaches southward toward Tasmania from the Gippsland region, east of Melbourne. This is Victoria's most splendid national park, with rugged mountains, incredibly BackFishCreek.jpg (79656 bytes)SealersCove.jpg (41074 bytes)beautiful coastal and inland walks, and fabulous beaches and rivers.ErskineFalls.jpg (77376 bytes)


The Ottway ranges are very close to our Bellarine Peninsula, along our western "Surf" coast. This is a forested region with magnificent fern tree glades and waterfalls. The coast is famous for its beaches and scenic drive along its "Great Ocean Road".