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Victor's and Barbara's Travel Diaries

Western Australia 2000

In early May 2000 we flew to Perth for a short 5-day holiday in Western Australia. From the airport we hired a car and took a brief tour to Cottisloe beach where we first saw at the Indian Ocean, which was very rough and BusseltonChurch.jpg (46154 bytes)stormy. We drove south south of Perth and stayed at Mandurah, then visited pretty pink Lake Clifton. At Busselton we enjoyed the historic church, the river scenery, and the sea front promenade. Lighthouse.jpg (26705 bytes)

We then drove on as far as Cape Naturaliste, where we climbed the lighthouse and also enjoyed the pretty nearby bays. Then we drove back north to Perth. We enjoyed our two days at the Esplanade Hotel in Freemantle, from where SwanRiver.jpg (24637 bytes)we explored the old and interesting port city. We went on a pretty Swan River cruise. The guide instructed us to admire the mansions of the rich and famous lining the river shore.  

Perth.jpg (31892 bytes)The views of Perth city from Kings Park were magnificent, but we were disappointed with Kings Park, as it only contained native flowers and trees, none of which were in blossom while we were there. It was all rather dull. We saw the fine campus of the University of WA, with its well designed buildings in the elegant European style. Generally, we felt that overall, the eastern states of Australia are more interesting and prettier than WA.