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Victor's and Barbara's Travel Diaries

                            Our visit to Sweden in 1999           

    On 10th June we left our Fiesta at Stanstead in UK, and flew to Sweden with Ryan Air. Jenny's House, Kolbo, Soderkoping, SwedenIn Sweden, we were staying with Jenny, Peter and Ina Falkemar in their beautiful house in the country, near Soderköping. Jenny and her mother Ing-Lill kindly picked us up at Nyköping airport and drove us to Jenny's house at Kolbo. Friday we looked around Soderköping and Henryk showed us the hill above town. On Saturday we went to Inga-Lil and Leith's lovely house at RSwedish Archipelagoamsdal, and an evening concert at St Anna Church nearby. On Sunday the Falkemars and Nilssons took us on a fantastic boat trip around the sheltered waters and myriads of islands in the Swedish Archipelago, near Norrköping. The photo shows Barbara and Victor on this boat. Barbara and Victor on boat in Swedish ArchipelagoOn Monday we borrowed Jenny and Peter's bikes and rode to Stegsbo, where we had a lovely lunch at a restaurant by the water-side. On Tuesday we took the 200kmh Express Train to Stockholm and toured the old and new cities, saw the changing of the guard at the Royal Palace, and sailed in the harbour. Jenny took us to the Kolmarden Zoo and a fantastic dolphin show on Wednesday. Then on Thursday 17th June we left Sweden and flew back to Stanstead, UK.