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The West Coast (Pacific Coast) refers to the westernmost coastal states of the United States, namely, the states of California, Oregon and Washington.

Victor and Barbara will arrive in Los Angeles by air from Australia, stay a day or two in Santa Monica to aclimatise, then head east towards Yosemite in Spring .Then we'll head into the South-Western region.

After we've done most of our anti-clockwise circuit of US and Canada, we'll re-enter the West Coast region into Oregon from Idaho, and head south along the coast and past Crater Lake and Klamath falls to Lake Tahoe. Then in east California we hope to cross the mountain road through Yosemite, if the weather permits. Then we'll spend some time in the San Francisco Bay region. Then we shall follow the beautiful California coast southwards through Big Sur down to Los Angeles, where we catch our flight back to Australia.

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