Uncle William

Lieutenant William Ellis Gomersall

Lead up to World War I - Key Events.

1861 Bismarck appointed chancellor of Prussia  (= 'prime minister') by Wilhelm I
1866 Austria loses war with Prussia, and loses Schleswig-Holstein, Venetia and Lombardy.
1867 Austria, weakening, agrees to 'dual Monarchy' with Hungary (The 'Magyars')
1870 France loses Franco-Prussian war, Napoleon III exiled to England
1888 Wilhelm II becomes Kaiser, 'Second Reich" consolidated.
1904 Entente Cordiale between France and Britain, colonial disputes settled.
1912 Serbia defeats Turkey in Balkan wars, and turns ambitions north = Slavic regions of Austro-Hungary.
1914 28 June. Archduke Franz Ferdinand (heir to Austro-Hungarian throne) assassinated by Bosnian terrorist.
1914 28 July. Austria (backed by Germany) declared war on Serbia. Russia mobilized to support Serbia.
1914 2 August. Germany declared war on Russia (who was allied to France).
1914 3rd August. Germany declared war on France, after false accusations of French violations of the Franco German frontier.
1914 4th August. Germany invades Belgium, violating her neutrality, so Britain, as guarantor, enters war on France's side.